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C. Dolan & Associates’ all-inclusive financial organizing and money management services will give you back your time and relieve the stress and worry about all of your bills, piles of mail and paperwork, insurance claims, tax preparation, etc.


My goal is to put my clients at ease knowing someone they trust is helping them navigate these challenges and looking after their fiscal



Relax and let us handle your financial paperwork with our personalized, in-home money management services.

Personal Money Management Services Include:

  • Bill Payment & Management
    Automate, sort and pay bills; balance bank accounts and update registers; monitor for fraudulent charges; coordinate with wealth managers, financial planners, and estate planning attorneys.

  • Budgeting & Expense Tracking
    Create a system that tracks all monthly income and expenses, including monthly and yearly reports; establish and maintain budgets.

  • Document & Tax Organization
    Set up a filing system to organize the piles of mail and papers; organize tax papers for the CPA/accountant; ensure estimated taxes are paid each quarter. 

  • Estate & Insurance Management
    Organize estate assets and documents; medical expense tracking; arrange, file and track claims

  • Custom Services 

       Buying a second home, moving to a new community, losing a spouse and other major life changes.

  • Notary Services
    Christine is a Notary Public. 

Rest Easy Knowing Your Financial Paperwork Is
Organized and Managed! 

Schedule your free, no-obligation consultation 
to learn more about
how we can help. 

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